Corporate Information

Palais Interiors is proud to offer interior designs that have been specially selected for our customers.

Using our unique approach, we encourage you to mix styles and use new color combinations and materials.

Palais Interior provides uniqueness in its selection of finest furniture, solitaire pieces, especially selected decorative arts, beautiful fabrics for upholstery and spectacular lighting whether elegant, timelessly classical, eclectic or chic – just mix and match – this is the message Palais Interiors is happy to pass on to its customers.

Information from the Owner

“Your interior living space can easily be transformed by implementing harmonious colors and materials. Also, new functional areas in your room add to your living space. We believe that not everything needs to be changed in a setting. Often, a new color concept, design or new material can make a world of difference. We want to help you create a personal space that will give you a greater quality of life. Our message is ‘just mix and match’ in order to create a new sense of living”, says Susanne Solterer.


Susanne Solterer
Owner Palais Interiors


We are here to provide you with help, support and advice throughout the whole process of planning and redesigning your living space.

We advise, help you plan and support you, whether this means small changes in your home or major innovations in your living space.

Interior design is our passion. We coordinate the work of selected craftsmen, such as upholsterers, painters and of course, our sewing team. Through our cooperation with forwarding companies and brokers, we guarantee smooth delivery of goods to your home, whether locally and/or abroad.